Merlin, who belongs to Millie Taplin in Ten Mile, is a favored stud with us and we have greatly looked forward to this mating with Xhosa. The pups arrived in early April, and there were a few more than we had anticipated; 7 males and 7 females. We have been very pleased with the number of show quality pups they produced. At this time we’re prepping them for their new homes with our training program for puppies, but are still considering potential new families and the optimal placements for this litter. Go to our home page/PUPPIES and fill out the Questionaire/application if you are interested in one of these beauties. Pictures below. (5/26/2022)




  1. Ethan Hibbs

    I’ve been wanting a Rhodesian Ridgeback since the neighbors across from my grandparents brought theirs over from time to time. The beauty and response that dog had just blew me away. I finnaly got my own place a little over a year ago and “puppy proofed” my back yard this summer. I am exremely interested in seeing more picture of your puppies and talking a price for one. Thank you for your time

  2. Jon

    Hello, we are the lucky owners of Ziggy Marley, an 8-year-old Ridgeback who must be the most spoiled, but well-behaved dog on the planet! We have 3 daughters and property in Oregon.

    We would like to add to our family another Ridgeback pup in the near future. Now is a good time as I work from home and my wife is home 3-4 days a week as well.
    I would like to be notified regarding your next litter.

  3. Chelsea

    Hey was wondering if you had any puppies for sale. Been looking to surprise my boyfriend with one for a while now. Please contact me with any info.

    Thank you,

  4. Nick

    Very interested in a puppy if any are available. We are a loving family and excited for the opportunity to introduce one of these little pups into our family.

  5. Daniel

    Hi, Im Daniel. I’m so glad I found you. I’ve been searching everywhere for a Ridgeback puppy to bring home. Do you have any for sale? (228)326-4270

  6. Haley Hamilton

    Please let me know when your next litter will be coming. We are located in Idaho and would like to be on the list for the next litter.
    Thank you.

  7. Doris Lagrou

    Looking for a new best friend. We live on the Oregon Coast in the hills on 7 acres. He/She will reside indoors with us, yet we there is lots of room to run; and I will enjoy having him/her on my walks and jogs. Its just my husband, myself and father-in-law. Do you have any puppies now or upcoming litters on the horizon?

  8. donald miller

    Considering a ridgeback
    Pup. My sister had a beautiful ridgeback when I was a kid. My family is structured in a way to give our dogs constant love and attention. Please keep me informed and share the cost of available. I live in Eugene.

  9. Katie

    Hi there!!! Was interested if you will have any puppies available any time soon!?! Would love to get on a list for one, if so! Thanks!

  10. C.Cawood

    Hello! my husband and I are interested in talking to you about a puppy from your Next upcoming litter. We live in southern Oregon. Please contact me with info. Thank you.

  11. Jon Anderson

    I’m looking at getting a ridgeback. My neighbor and good friends has one and we are 2 peas in a pod. I would love to have a friend for Bowie( my neighbors dog) to play with.

  12. Nancy J Forman

    Please contact me regarding your next litter. We recently returned from living in SA for 14 years and have developed quite a fondness for RR’s.
    Kindest regards, Nancy Forman

  13. Esther Burman

    Your RR kennel has some beautiful dogs, and would really love to own one of your Wheaten Red females. Do you have a list or are puppies available from recent litter?
    Warm regards,
    Esther Burman

  14. Diane Pollock

    Hi, I’m interested in a moon litter puppy. I have previous filled in a puppy questionnaire after getting your info from Maximus’ mom. We currently have an almost 7 month old ridgeback male and would like to expand out craziness ( and have less room on our sofa).

    • Rebecca Mills

      Hi, we are looking for another RR pup. We’ve had two now over the past 26 years and they have added much to our lives. Please place me on your list and let me know if/when you may have any available. I’m a little ways out but thought I’d start the process.

  15. kimberly Trent

    Hello Jan,
    Yes, congratulations on your new litter.

    Looking to connect with you for a female pup. I fell in love with the breed 10 years ago, have researched and drooled over many pictures for years and am in a place where I can finally devote full time to raising, loving and living with a ridgeback. Left my info via phone and submitted my questionnaire today.

  16. Jim Roofener

    We have a 50 acre farm. We have jack Russell’s that have had confrontations with coyotes our last one is older and me would like a breed that can be here without the worry of being caught off gaurd. And be a good house companion.

  17. Rebecca Mills

    Hi, we are looking for another RR pup. We’ve had two now over the past 26 years and they have added much to our lives. Please place me on your list and let me know if/when you may have any available. I’m a little ways out but thought I’d start the process.

  18. Carla Winters

    I am inquiring about a male puppy and when would you have 1 available. I would like a red puppy with a black mask . I live on a farm alone and like a large companion dog love the ridgebacks I have horses and other animals here

  19. Frank Bender

    Hi Jan,
    It was very nice speaking with you on the phone. I am dear friends with the Combs family, who recently added one of your pups to their family. I was fortunate to meet this new addition while camping with them this last weekend. I absolutely fell in love with this breed. After doing my research, and also having experience going through the adoption process with my late Greater Swiss Mt. dog Gus, I know this is the breed for me. I have greatly missed having a canine companion, but didn’t feel right bringing one back into my life with my busy and variable work schedule at the University of Oregon. However, with recent retirement, and my schedule and life-style adjustment, I’m ready to add an addition to my home. I would like to continue our conversation regarding the possibility of being considered for your next litter. Please feel free to contact me on the cell number I called you from. It started with 971-645…..

    Franklin W. Bender, PhD, CC -SLP
    Retired Clinical Professor
    Communication Disorders & Sciences
    University of Oregon

  20. Monica Hulubei Piergallini

    I’m writing to see if you have any puppies left or will anytime soon.
    Thank you!!

  21. Jon M. Campbell

    I’m interested in puppy Rhodesian Ridgeback.
    Do you have Puppy’s available February 2022 ?
    Thank jon campbell


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