How are Ridgebacks with children?

Wonderful, with some caveats.

Ridgebacks have a deep and intuitive connection to their people. It has been observed that this breed does not protect property—instead, it looks out for its loved ones wherever they may be.

Puppies raised with children form a deep bond with them that is humbling to watch. As a rule, adult Ridgebacks that have been well socialized to children are impressively accepting of their fumbling handling as well as assorted indignities such as being forced to wear an Easter bonnet. (Though of course no dog of any breed should be left unattended with young children.)

When an adult Ridgeback is confronted with a new human arrival in the household, it might take a while; months, even up to a year for him or her to get totally accustomed to the new baby. But once the Ridgeback understands that the baby is yours, that the household circle has expanded to include this new being, who is a permanent, not temporary addition, the loyalty he will show to that child will be awe-inspiring.

That said, Ridgeback puppies and toddlers are rarely an effortless pairing. Ridgeback puppies can be mouthy, with sharp, alligator-like teeth, and adolescent Ridgebacks can knock down a toddler with their exuberance, not to mention their whip-like tails.

In general, I do not sell Ridgebacks to families with children under age 5, though I do make exceptions for those who are very experienced with the breed.