Do you ship puppies?

No, not unless I have already met you in person.

I consider every puppy that I bring into this world, whether it’s a show dog or a pet, whether it has a ridge or not, whether it’s a young puppy or an oldster, to be my ultimate responsibility.

For that reason, I do not and will not place puppies sight unseen, no matter how nice you sound on the phone, no matter how erudite your emails. I need to meet you and you need to meet me, to make sure that this is a relationship that can and will last the lifetime of your dog. Most reputable breeders I work with and respect feel the same way.

If you are unable to visit me, then I can direct you to a breeder who is in a more convenient geographic area for you. Similarly, if you live in the metropolitan New York area, there are dozens of reputable breeders within a reasonable driving radius. There is simply no reason to buy from someone you have never met. Emails and phone calls can only take you so far: There is no substitute for meeting a breeder in person.